Art Classes

Days and Times
I am offering weekly after school programs (Monday to Friday except Wednesday). The times may vary depending if you would like a 3:30 starting time or 4:00.

Saturday classes start at 9:30 with the last class ending at 4:00.

Classes – hours and age-appropriate teaching methods
Classes vary depending on the age of the children enrolled. A typical class might be:

AgeClass time
5 - 61 hour
7 – 81.5 hours
9 - 112 hours

I make sure each class has the same age dimension so there is never a 5 year old in an 8 year old class.

Classes are taught according to age. For example, 5 year olds are taught about colour but at a level they can understand. The next age group will be taught the same information but it will be at a more mature level and so on. So when a child starts with me at age 5 the level of information they receive matures as they do.

I teach using a wide variety of photographs, paintings and objects, introducing many different artists and styles. By studying old masters and contemporary artists, your child will learn to appreciate a wide variety of art and comes to understand good design and composition. We copy many of the old master images and then we will attempt to create our own pictures using traditional styles. In this way, your child will slowly develop his or her own style and creativity.

The foundation of good art is all about knowing and understanding the building blocks of how to draw using basic shapes, then I introduce colour and composition. We usually complete one picture per class. As we progress and the children's patience and knowledge increases, we take longer to complete more complicated pictures.

Enrollment and Payment
Enrollment is by semester: September to December, January to March, April to June.
Payment due at the beginning of each semester.
Please contact me to see if there is room in one of my classes or to go on my waiting list!

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