All art classes are held in my home in the Dunbar area of Vancouver, BC. The room is comfortable and cosy with bright, colourful, inspiring art on the walls. You'll find plenty of free street parking outside.


The after-school and Saturday art classes are semi-private with a maximum of three students in each class. Children are given individual attention and work in a progressive manner to master new skills and techniques. We use the work of both contemporary artists and old masters, as well as photographs and still life arrangements, as examples for discussions and projects.

Children learn such basics as working with shapes, colour, and composition. The art classes are fun and motivational and children are encouraged to develop their own styles.

The No More Scribbling program is designed for children who wish to gain better control over their motor cordination, focus and concentration, as well as build their art skills and have fun. I work with only one child at a time in this program.

Georgia Young

I am a professional artist and art consultant with many years teaching experience. My background includes running several art schools and a gallery, teaching extensively through community centers, working as an artist's representative, and developing my own art style and techniques. Working from my own photographs, my style can be classified as Magic Realism. My latest paintings explore new ways to use the acrylic medium while inventing new perspectives for the viewer.

For more information about me and my art work, I invite you to visit my art site at www.georgiayoungs.ca

Interested in art classes for yourself? Be sure to visit Painting with Georgia, my online art program for adults. Take acrylic painting classes by video in the comfort of your own studio!